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Getting the Best Sound for Your Car with Alpine Car Audio

Alpine is a Japanese company that was founded in 1967. It specializes in car audio systems and has been at the forefront of its field for many years. Alpine car audio has always been an innovative organization, manufacturing products which meet the requirements of the most demanding specifications.

The Alpine PDX-4.100 4 Channel Digital Amplifier is really an out of this world amp. You gotta hear it before you believe it!

Alpine car audio is well represented by a full range of audio components. They have CD players, amplifiers, speaker systems and processing devices like equalizers. Each product line is covers the spread and can be chosen to match any budget. The underlying Alpine quality assures great sound at a reasonable price.

A typical example from the Alpine car audio CD player line is the CDA-9851. This unit can play CDs, MP3's and WMA's as well as being satellite radio ready. It can also be used to drive your iPod - just plug in the iPod adapter and you can listen to all the songs available from your iPod.

The CDA-9851 is truly a versatile unit. Not only can it play music and various formats, you can also connect a videogame console or VCR unit to it. With a third-party add-on, this Alpine car audio CD player can be controlled from the steering wheel. It also features text display and a swing face front panel, and comes with a remote control.

Alpine car audio has a broad selection of stereo and multichannel amplifiers. The MRV-F540 can be used as a 4, 3, or 2 channel amplifier and features the patented bass engine design for crisp sounding low frequencies. The frequency range of this amplifier is an ample 10Hz to 50kHz and has a dual adjustable crossover design. The contacts are goldplated with wire insert capability.

Round off an Alpine car audio system with one of their many speaker packages. They are designed for full frequency response suitable for any type of music. Alpine speakers can be tuned for optimum performance with the Advanced Phase Correction and Off-Axis Adjustment controls that are part of the built-in crossovers.

The design experience behind Alpine car audio picks them one of the best choices available. They have fully explored the limitations of reproducing audio in the limited space that a car provides, and have found solutions for producing the best sound possible. Check out Alpine car audio prepared to be amazed.


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