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Alpine Car Audio Systems

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Alpine Car Audio Systems

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom like driving down an open highway with your favorite music planning on the sound system. Of course, that feeling of freedom is lessened if your audio system buzzes and makes scratching noises. To get the most out of your driving experience, you need a decent sound system, and Alpine car audio systems are among the best.

Alpine has been making car audio systems for years now and their technological know-how and innovative designs make for some of the best products in the industry. Alpine car audio systems are available in a full range of products from receivers and speakers to MP3 players, CD changers, subwoofers and car entertainment centers.

You can depend on great sound from these car audio systems. Their products have been developed over years and they continue to utilize the latest technologies and materials. Alpine products have a solid grounding in engineering excellence.

The heart of any car audio system is the receiver and Alpine car audio systems have a good selection to choose from. They have models capable of playing CD's, MP3's, and other formats like WMA. Some models can be directly linked to videogame consoles and VCRs, while optional remote controls allow you to adjust the music from your steering wheel without taking your eyes off the road.

The CDA-9851 is a good example of the receivers that Alpine car audio systems have to offer. It features a powerful 200 W four channel amplifier and can accept outputs from satellite radio and iPod connections. It is capable of playing CD's, CDR's, CD-RW's, MP3's and WMA, and displays text from both MP3s and CD text. It comes with a wireless remote control and an antitheft detachable front panel.

To get the most out of a great receiver you need great speakers and Alpine car audio systems have some of the best. Their Type-R speakers have multilayer cones for maximum strength and superb bass reproduction. These speakers feature true linear movement for accurate reproduction of the entire frequency range of music. Some models have a movable tweeter which can be focused into the listing area of your car.

To round out Alpine car audio systems there are subwoofers, amplifiers, equalizers, and CD changers. Integrated together into a complete car audio system, Alpine sounds as great as it looks.

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