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Great Sounds from Clarion Car Audio

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Great Sounds from Clarion Car Audio

Clarion is a Japanese company that has been operating since 1940. They have been making car audio components since 1948 and have since become a worldwide leader in car audio. Clarion manufactures a full range of entertainment options for the car including audio, video, entertainment, and navigation. Clarion car audio components integrate seamlessly into into a comprehensive mobile sound environment.

Clarion car audio manufactures all the standard car audio equipment you would expect. They have a full range of receivers with integrated CD players and cassette decks along with a selection of amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. Many of their receivers integrate various audio and video formats such as DVD, MP3 and iPod.

Clarion car audio components can replace factory stereo systems or be custom installed for the ultimate in high fidelity sound. Many of their components are standard in terms of size and installation requirements, making it an easy matter to remove the factory system and install Clarion components. The high quality of Clarion audio will make a huge difference over factory installed components.

Clarion carries a full range of receivers with enough power to drive any kind of music. If you're looking for the extra clarity that only dedicated amps can give, there is also a full range of Clarion car audio amplifiers. These are available as mono or up to four channel amplifiers - enough variety for matching any kind of requirements.

The Clarion APA4300HX is a bridgeable amplifier capable of driving four, three, or two channels. It features a maximum power output of 600 W and includes a variable four channel low pass filter. This Clarion car audio unit is Dolby Digital and DTS ready.

With a dedicated Clarion amp, you're probably interested in driving a subwoofer. Clarion car audio subwoofers are available in 10 inch or 12 inch sizes. They can handle up to 750 W - these are speakers that will give you the most powerful lows possible. For less demanding applications, there's the SRS1685 subwoofer and tweeter combination with a built-in crossover.

You can round out your car sound system with a CD changer and an equalizer. Clarion car audio has several to choose from so you can find components that perfectly match the audio requirements of your car.

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