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On The Road with JVC Car Audio

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On The Road with JVC Car Audio

JVC is a well-known manufacturer of quality audio and video products. They make almost every kind of entertainment product including camcorders, televisions, DVD players and home audio systems. For mobile use, JVC car audio has just about everything you need from receivers to CD changers to speakers and subwoofers.

One of the new products from JVC car audio is the KD-AR7000 - a state-of-the-art receiver featuring the industry's first OEL display capable of showing PICT graphics. It has a digital tuner, 5 volt output, a subwoofer output and a CC converter for the utmost clarity in the audio signal. All this plus the wide-angle OEL display makes this a winning model.

In the regular series of receivers from JVC car audio is the KD-G200 - a reasonably priced 200 W unit featuring a CD player with a one bit D/A converter. The CD player can play regular CDs as well as CDRs and CD-RWs and has random and repeat play modes. With the built-in EQ and loudness controls this unit sounds as great as it looks.

JVC car audio has a full range of speakers including the XV series of factory replacement speakers. The CS-XV6930 is a 6" x 9" three-way speaker and has a maximum capacity of 240 W. With a frequency response from 28 to 27,000 hertz, this speaker can play the lowest lows and the highest highs. The hybrid cone material guarantees a flat response over the entire frequency range.

For powerful lows, JVC car audio has some impressive subwoofers. The CS-WG1000 is a 10 inch subwoofer that can handle an impressive 800 W. The special design of this unit means it works best in small enclosures with a recommended enclosure volume of 1 cubic foot. It's even built with a vented basket to prevent heat buildup.

Many people still enjoy listening to cassettes in their car and JVC car audio has a selection of cassette receivers to choose from. The KS-FX490 is a remote-control cassette deck with Dolby B noise reduction and a powerful 200 W output. It has a full logic mechanism and features a flip down face.

To round out the line of products from JVC car audio there are CD changers, amplifiers and satellite radio units. They can all be integrated together for a fabulous sounding audio car system that has the looks and the power for crystal-clear sound.

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