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On The Road with Pioneer Car Audio

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On The Road with Pioneer Car Audio

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom that car audio can give you. The open road and your favorite music are an appealing combination. The popularity of car audio means that consumers have a lot to choose from. Pioneer is one of the leaders in audio components, and they also have a line of Pioneer car audio components to suit any budget and taste.

Pioneer manufactures all the components you need for terrific car audio. Starting with a full line of amplifiers, Pioneer car audio also has CD and DVD players, CD changers, equalizers and speakers. They also have a selection of multimedia devices such as car radio and TV tuners.

The heart of any audio system is the amplifier. Pioneer car audio has both mono and multichannel automobile amplifiers. The GM–6000F amplifier has four channels and a maximum power of 250 Watts. It features built in variable crossovers and RCA inputs and outputs.

The Pioneer GM-X372 is a two channel amplifier from Pioneer car audio. This model has a maximum power of 240 Watts with a low-frequency response of 10 hertz and a high-frequency response of 50,000 hertz. There is a low pass crossover and a preamp input.

The front end of a car audio system has to be carefully designed to include easy to access features. Pioneer car audio does not disappoint - their head units feature a full range of controls which are easy to operate even when driving the car. For example, the DEH-2700 CD player has a detachable fold-down face with a multicolor display. It displays CD text and can play CDs, CD-R’s and CD-RW’s.

For the ultimate in hands-free audio operation, nothing can beat a CD changer. The CDX-P1280 from Pioneer car audio can hold 12 CD disks and has a memory capacity for 100 songs. This unit can play both CD-R’s and CD-RW’s and can be conveniently mounted in a variety of positions.

For those who like to tweak their audio, the DEQ7600 from Pioneer car audio is a 15 band equalizer with digital sound processing and a subwoofer output. This unit emulates five sound fields from studios to stadiums and comes with five factory presets along with space to hold three user presets.

To get the best quality sound in a car audio system, good speakers are a necessity. Pioneer car audio has a full range of speakers that can handle the requirements of any car audio system. You can buy replacement speakers for factory installed sound systems or build your car speaker system from scratch.

Pioneer has everything you need for a great sounding car audio system. Pioneer car audio components are reasonably priced and great value. They have built their reputation on sonic fidelity, and this tradition is upheld in their car audio line.

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