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Sony Car Audio – A Name You Can Trust

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Sony Car Audio – A Name You Can Trust

Sony is without a doubt one of the big names in the home entertainment industry. They have all the bases covered - recording labels, audio hardware, home cinema systems, and they represent some of the biggest names in the music world. Since they seem to be everywhere that's connected to audio, it's no surprise that they have car audio covered with quality Sony car audio products.

Sony carries just about everything imaginable for car audio, and not just one or two models in each product line, but a full selection that meets any budget or technical requirements. You might be a little bit overwhelmed with the huge selection of components from Sony car audio.

All the standards are here - receivers, CD players, equalizers, amplifiers and speakers. What's more, Sony car audio gives you a broad choice of how you combine the various components. For example, you can have a receiver with a cassette deck or CD player or even an MD player for those of you who love the convenience of MiniDiscs.

The MDXF5800 unit from Sony car audio is a receiver that can play all MiniDisc's - even LP2 and LP4. It has a powerful four channel amplifier and a built-in three band equalizer. There are connections for an external CD player and preamp outputs allow you to add a subwoofer.

Like all Sony car audio receivers, the MDXF5800 has an attractive faceplate with an easy-to-read LED display. The technical specifications are impressive - Wide Bit stream Processing, DSO, EQ3, one bit D/A converter, and a SSIR-EXA tuner. This is a unit that sounds as great as it looks.

If you are relatively satisfied with your existing car stereo would like to add a CD player, the CDX1000RF from Sony car audio is the solution. It fits into the DNA slot underneath the factory installed receiver and can connect to any FM radio. It features a one bit converter with 8x oversampling and active servo control. It's a great way to bring your car stereo into the digital age.

No matter what your car stereo needs are, Sony car audio can meet them. If you want a full upgrade with powerful amplifiers and subwoofers, Sony has the components to provide you with reliable, great sounding audio. Sony is an enduring name in the competitive audio world, and you know you can trust them for innovative audio solutions.

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