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Audio Recording Software – Something for Everyone

Audio recording used to be the domain of hardware units like tape recorders and cassette decks, but nowadays, almost all audio recording is done digitally. There are still hardware units for recording digital audio, but most of it is done using audio recording software. Anyone with a modern computer can become a recording engineer.

There are literally hundreds of audio recording software titles. They can be simple start/stop applications or complex multichannel hard disk recording units that can add digital effects and extended editing capabilities. If you wish to record audio using your computer, defining your needs will help choosing a software package.

Simple voice recording can be accomplished with free audio recording software. There is recording software included in the Windows operating system. The Windows Sound Recorder will record sound from your default sound recording device. Just hit the record button in the sound is captured. There are also simple effects which can be added to the record sound.

As your recording needs become more complex, you need more complex audio recording software. Musicians often choose a software package which allows them to record audio and MIDI. Software packages like Cubase and Cakewalk are designed for the professional musician working in a studio environment. They have extensive editing capabilities for both audio and MIDI.

Of course, not all audio recording software is meant for music. Voice recording has many applications in radio, television and talking books. Recording software for these types of applications include Wavelab, Sound Forge and Adobe Audition. These packages are designed less for editing music than for manipulating recorded sound. They allow sound files to be edited in a variety of ways and digitally manipulated with the use of effects.

The above-mentioned audio recording software is meant for professional use and carries quite a hefty price tag. There are numerous software packages designed for home use which are quite reasonable in price. The capabilities of home computers allow anybody to edit their own sound files and add them to videos or send them to friends by e-mail.

Although the simpler packages do not have all the bells and whistles of professional audio recording software, they are usually easy to use and provide enough features for most purposes. Recording audio is fun and entertaining. Get some audio recording software and see it for yourself!

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