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How to Record Your Karaoke Performance

The popularity of karaoke is growing every year. New karaoke bars are opening all the time and there are plenty of home karaoke systems to choose from. You can even use your computer as a karaoke device, and by doing so, capture you karaoke performance for all time.

There are many different types of computer karaoke programs. Some handle audio files and others only play back KAR or MIDI files. KAR is similar to MIDI but has special karaoke features like lyric display.

The advantage of using a MIDI or KAR file for karaoke songs is that the speed and key of the song can be adjusted. Audio files cannot be changed – you have to sing in the key of the recording.

The limitation of MIDI is that the sound is dependent on the quality of the MIDI playback device. The MIDI sounds that come with the Windows operating system (Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth) are adequate, but some of the sounds (like the saxophone and trumpets) are downright cheesy. If you want better sound for MIDI or KAR, you’ll have to get a new soundcard or external sound generator.

Whether you are using KAR or audio backing music, most karaoke software allows you to record your performance and capture it to a WAV file on your computer. You can add effects like reverb or chorus on the fly or add them later in an audio editor.

For really professionally sounding recordings, you can record your voice by itself by listening to the backing music on headphones. This allows you to have separate tracks for voice and music allowing you to edit each of them individually.

If your voice goes off-pitch in places you can adjust it with the pitch adjustment features available in most audio editors. You can change the pitch without affecting the speed, and you can make small adjustments to get a perfect performance.

Once you are happy with your voice recording, it can be mixed with the backing music and burned to CD. Impress your friends and colleagues with your fabulous singing ability. Who knows, this may be the start of your singing career!

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