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Apple 20GB iPod Model: M9282LL/A

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Apple 20GB iPod Model: M9282LL/A

One of the complaints about earlier models of iPods was the limited battery life. This fourth-generation iPod features an extended battery life, the new Click Wheel, the slimmer case and easier navigation. The Apple 20GB iPod can hold up to 5000 songs and supports a wide variety of audio formats. Of course the popularity of the iPod has triggered a lot of companies to market accessories. Marware is one of the best. I especially like their special iPod Cases

The hard drive on the Apple 20GB iPod has sufficient space for the most extensive music collections. The MP3 bit rate ranges from 32 kbps right up to 320 kbps. This gives you total freedom in choosing the sound quality of your audio. The full range frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz is suitable for the most demanding audio applications.

The Apple 20GB iPod is capable of playing audio in the most popular formats including MP3, MP3 VBR (variable bit rate), WAV, AAC and AIFF. These formats represent almost all the audio codecs in use today. If you have audio files in other formats such as OGG they are easily converted to one of the formats that iPod supports.

The screen size of the Apple 20GB iPod is 2 inches square. It is an easily viewable back lit screen that provides easy access to your music through a customizable menu. You can organize your music anyway you please - by category, by artist, or by year, or any other method you choose. Songs can be repeated individually or by playlist.

The connections on the Apple 20GB iPod include jacks for FireWire 400 and USB 2.0. There is also a dock connector, a stereo minijack and a remote connector. The FireWire port can be used to charge the lithium-ion battery. And also on these techniques there are a great deal of very useful accessories to be found. And again never forget to check Manware.

There are many features on the Apple 20GB iPod. When used for audio books there is a variable speed playback. You can rate songs and create play lists as you go. The 20 equalizer settings allow you to customize the sound of your iPod. The date and time can be shown and there are built-in alarms and a sleep timer.

Apple has a winner with the Apple 20GB iPod. It is proving to be one of the most popular MP3 players on the market today.


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