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Apple iPod Nano  - Sleek and Beautiful

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Selected Audio Reviews :: Apple iPod nano

Apple iPod Nano

The sleek design and great sound of the original Apple iPod made it one of the most popular MP3 players on the market. With the new iPod nano, Apple has managed to capture all the outstanding features of the original and put it into an even smaller package.

The iPod nano is so small and thin that it fits comfortably into the change pocket of a pair of jeans. Despite its size, it has a 1.5 inch color display and the famous Apple click wheel for navigation. It is available with either 2 GB or 4 GB flash memory for absolutely perfect skip free playback.

The 4 GB iPod nano can hold up to 1000 songs as well as cover art so you can see at a glance information about the current song being played. The color display can also be used to view photos -- up to 25,000 pictures can be stored in the memory.

Despite its relatively small size, the color display uses an easy-to-read font. All the relative information your song collection is available for display, and browsing through the setup menus is a snap thanks to the navigation wheel and the clear font.

As with all Apple MP3 players, the iPod nano can be used in conjunction with Apple iTunes. This online music store allows you to buy and download songs and transfer them directly to the player. iTunes is easy to use in one of the most popular online music stores.

The iPod nano is available in 2 colors -- black or white. From what we have seen on the street, white seems to be the most popular color for this MP3 player. Rumors have it that future editions of the nano will be available in a full spectrum of color.

Is there a downside to the nano? It doesn't have an FM radio or recording features, and there is no zoom function when viewing photos. Other than that, the nano is one of the best sounding MP3 players on the market in an amazingly compact package.

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