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Apple iPod nano color - Finally they added color

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Apple iPod nano color

The Apple iPod and now is one of the hottest products to hit the shelves in a long time. There's not much choice of color -- you can get them in either black or white. But the amazingly slim design and full-color display more than compensates for the slim pickings in the color field.

For the moment, if you want a red nano you are out of luck. But rumors have it that Apple may soon release color nanos. Even if that never happens there are sure to be third-party companies that can supply the nano in a variety of colors.

For the time being we have to be content with either a black or white nano. That's just fine -- the features on the nano make it one of the most attractive MP3 players available. The slim case is thinner than a pencil and it features superb sound and full synchronization using the iTunes software. It is available with either 2 GB or 4 GB of flash memory.

The color screen uses a clear font which makes it really easy to read the menus and information about songs. The 1.5 inch display has a resolution of 176 x 132 pixels. This is slightly bigger than the screen on the discontinued iPod mini and the nano also has a smaller dot pitch resulting in a crisp color screen.

You can use the color display to view photos and also cover art of the current song being played. Photos can be displayed as thumbnails for browsing through your collection and simply selecting a thumbnail brings up the full-sized version of the picture.

Your entire color photo collection can be stored in the nano and synchronized with your photo folder on your computer. Every time you plug the nano into the computer with the USB cable your photo collection will be updated and transferred to the nano.

As attractive as the color display is, it doesn't come with a light so you need to view the screen in bright conditions.s

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