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Apple iPod Nano Font

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Selected Audio Reviews :: Apple iPod Nano Font

Apple iPod Nano Font

The Apple iPod nano is a flash memory MP3 player available in either 2 GB or 4 GB. It comes with a full-color display which allows you to see information about the current song being played as well as viewing photos and album cover art. The sound is absolutely superb, and the whole unit is small enough to fit into the coin pocket of your jeans

The nano is the successor to the iPod mini which has been discontinued by Apple. The nano makes several improvements on the mini starting with the larger storage space. The color screen has also being been improved. It is slightly larger than the mini’s screen and has a resolution of 176 x 132 pixels.

As well as the larger size, the screen also features a smaller dot pitch which makes the font and pictures even crisper. This makes it easy to read for navigating through the configuration menus or looking at information on the current song.

Because of the relatively small size of the screen, sometimes information can be cut off. To get around this problem, Apple has used a font which scrolls across the screen. There is plenty of information available about the current song being played including the song title, the artist, the album, and the genre. All of this is displayed in an easy to read font.

Like the other MP3 players in Apple's iPod series, the nano can be used to listen to podcasts. Here again, the screen font comes in handy by giving you plenty of information about the current podcasts.

As well as all the standard features of the iPod series, the nano also features a stopwatch, a clock, and the ability to store song lyrics. All of this information can be clearly read with the specially designed font that Apple uses on the nano.

Synchronizing photos and music is a snap using the iTunes software which is included with the nano. Simply attach the nano to your computer with the USB cable and the synchronization process automatically begins. This handy feature allows you to keep your music collection up to date at all times.

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