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Archos AV700 Player 100GB -Reviewed

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Archos AV700 Player 100GB

Now that portable audio devices are a standard accessory for the wired crowd, everyone is asking “What’s next?” Look no further than the Archos AV700 Player 100GB. This video player is set to revolutionize the portable entertainment industry.

Although rather bulky compared to most portable devices, the AV700 is designed from the ground up to provide a great viewing experience. With its 7 inch LCD display in 16:9 format it certainly succeeds. Although too heavy and bulky to fit in your pocket, it’s got everything you need for video-on-the-go.

The Archos AV700 records video directly from your TV. The docking pad attaches to the TV and can be used to control the VCR, cable box, and satellite receiver. This allows you to record video from any source and to schedule recording times.

Video is captured in Windows media and MPEG-4 formats. This provides near-DVD quality at a fraction of the storage space.

The AV700 offers lots of playback options. Video can be fast-forwarded, played in slow motion, adjusted for size and bookmarked. There is even a video editing function if you want to remove commercials or otherwise slice and dice your video files.

Besides video, the AV700 can also be used to store photos, music, games, and data. It connects to your computer with a fast USB 2.0 interface for automatic synchronizing.

The navigation system is logical and easy to use allowing you to find specific files on the massive 100 GB hard drive. Audio can be organized into playlists and video and picture files can be viewed in thumbnail format for easy visual identification.

How much can 100 GB hold? It’s good for 400 hours of video, one million photos or 55,000 songs. You will never get bored with the AV700.

If you DO ever get bored with movies, music, and photos, you can always play games. The AV700 uses the Mophun gaming engine and games can be downloaded from the Archos website.

Bottom line, the Archos AV700 100 GB offers plenty of bang but at a hefty price tag. At $800, this portable device is in a class of its own. If you’ve got the bucks and you love video, though, it’s a definite look-see.

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