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Archos Gmini XS200

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Archos Gmini XS200

If you are looking for a compact MP3 player and don't need the extra features like FM radio and voice recording, the Archos Gmini XS200 is well worth taking a look at. It features fabulous sound in a palm-sized unit which weighs just over 4 ounces and has an internal 20GB hard drive which is capable of holding up to 5000 songs.

The Archos Gmini XS200 is simplicity personified. The LCD display takes up more than half of the unit, giving you plenty of clearly laid out information. Below the screen are three control buttons for navigating and controlling playback. There is a USB 2.0 interface for connecting to the computer and transferring files back and forth.

The Archos Gmini XS200 handles MP3, WMA, and WAV files in a wide variety of bit rates, including variable bit rates. It can be powered with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or with the AC adapter which is included. The only other connection is the stereo earphone jack which doubles as the line output allowing you to connect the player to your home stereo.

You can organize your music collection on the go as you use the Archos Gmini XS200. Songs can be organized by artist, album, year, and genre thanks to the full support of ID3 tags. The music library allows you to browse by category, and the double browser system allows you to quickly add any song to your current playlist. There is a virtual keyboard allowing you to rename songs and enter any kind of information about the music. The friendly user interface is icon driven allowing for clear navigation and selection of menu choices.

When connected to the computer, the Archos Gmini XS200 can double as an external storage device allowing you to transfer any kind of computer data to the player. This makes it convenient to move data from one computer to another, and the 20GB hard drive is large enough for most data storage applications while still leaving plenty of room for music.

The sound of the Archos Gmini XS200 is marvelous! The sound specs are equal to some of the best audio products on the market today and special features like the built-in equalizer allow you to customize the sound of your music to your own tastes. This is a perfect unit for those who simply want a great sounding MP3 player with plenty of storage space. The Archos Gmini XS200 gets two thumbs up!


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