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eDigital 512 MB Digital Audio Player with Voice Navigation

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eDigital 512 MB Digital Audio Player with Voice Navigation  Model: MXP100S

If you need an MP3 player which features hands-free navigation, the eDigital 512 MB Digital Audio Player with Voice Navigation is a great piece of hardware and worth taking a look at. It's a full-featured MP3 player with a 512MB flash memory card which uses the VoiceNav speech recognition system for file searching and navigation. It's perfect for use in the car or anytime you need your hands-free for other tasks.

The eDigital 512 MB Digital Audio Player is a sleek unit which is just over 4 inches in height. Besides MP3 playback, it also features voice recording with a real-time clock for time stamping voice messages. It can play music in either MP3 or WMA formats in a variety of bit rates and has full support for ID3 tags. And yes the voice navigation feature is great and adds to traffic safety

This Digital Audio Player with Voice Navigation is powered with a lithium-ion battery which holds a charge for up to 12 hours. The battery can be recharged in less than three hours with the AC adapter. You will have maximum uptime with this MP3 player.

The navigation system is intuitive and easy to use. The ample LCD screen and the simple file system allows you to quickly and easily find the music are looking for. Music can be classified by genre, artist, year or album, and you can use the Music Explore built in to the operating system of this Digital Audio Player to quickly find what you are looking for.

For hands-free navigation, the Portable 512 MB Digital Audio Player  has a user-independent voice recognition system that allows you to navigate through folders, browse through files and play music without touching a button. The VoiceNav system recognizes over 100,000 English words and names and has the ability to recognize new words which are not in its dictionary.

Music can be quickly and easily downloaded from your computer to this  Audio Player with Voice Navigation using the USB interface. The Music Explore software is required for transferring music and the Musicmatch Jukebox software can be used for ripping CDs to your PC. Both software titles are included with the MP3 player.

There's even a home stereo adapter that comes with the Voice Recognition enabeled digital audio player. The superb audio quality can be heard through your home audio system, making this the perfect all-around audio device for on the road or at home use.


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