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Battery iPod -- Battery iPod Replacement

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Battery iPod -- iPod Battery Replacement

The Apple iPod comes with a lithium-ion battery. Like all batteries of this type, it has a limited recharge life, and will eventually have to be replaced. If you notice that your iPod functions perfectly when plugged into the docking station but fails to hold charge when removed, you need to replace the battery.

There are two ways to do this. You can send the iPod back to Apple and they will replace the whole unit with a new or refurbished one. The cost for this service is $59 plus $6.95 for shipping. Alternatively, you can buy a third-party battery and install it yourself or have a technician install it for you. This is a much cheaper option and gives you more choices about the type of battery to install.

The problem is, once you open up the iPod, your warranty is void. If your battery dies before the end of the one-year guarantee, send it back to Apple for a free replacement. If your warranty has expired, you can open up the iPod -- but be warned that there are delicate parts inside which, if damaged, will destroy your player.

There are many replacement batteries for the iPod available. Almost every model of iPod, though, has a different type of battery. A battery for the iPod nano, for example, cannot be used in an iPod mini.

Companies that sell replace the batteries usually provide instructions and tools for opening up the iPod. They may even offer a battery replacement service if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.

It is a relatively simple procedure to open up the Apple iPod for battery replacement, but if you are worried about destroying your iPod you may be better to pay the extra money and get the battery installed by the company.

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