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iPod Photo Accessories

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iPod Photo Accessories

Even though most people buy an iPod for listening to music, the photo viewing capabilities quickly become an important part of the unit. You can carry a huge number of pictures with you wherever you go and view your photos as you are listening to music. There are even accessories available to enhance your photo viewing experience.

Rather than viewing photos privately, iPod accessories exist so that you can hook the player to a TV set or computer monitor. Your slideshows suddenly can be seen by a whole roomful of people at the same time. These accessories offer a variety of connections including s-video for high resolution television viewing.

You can even use the iPod for business presentations with a iPod photo accessory that connects to a TV or projector. This accessory also connects the audio so that you can provide an audio soundtrack to your slide presentation.

Remote controls are ideal for slideshow applications. You can pause at any individual picture, go backwards or skip ahead. All this can be done without having to be next to the iPod or the slideshow accessory.

Macintosh provides a selection of photo editing software that can be used before you transfer your photos to the iPod. Photos can be clipped, color enhanced, merged into collages, and altered using filters. You can also use Macintosh software to organize your slide show and provide a music sound track.

You are not limited to using Macintosh software -- you can use any photo editing package on the market. The Macintosh software simply makes it simple to synchronize your photo collection with the iPod.

Don't forget the wide variety of replacement parts that are available for the iPod. This ensures that your iPod will provide good service for many years to come so that you can take advantage of all of the accessories for getting the most out of your iPod.

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