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iPod Speaker - Bose iPod Speakers

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iPod Speaker - Bose iPod Speakers

The popularity of the iPod has taken the audio industry by a storm. Manufacturers are scrambling to provide accessories for the iPod so that it is quickly becoming the most versatile MP3 player on the market today. Perhaps the biggest category of iPod accessories is extensions speakers which allow you to use your iPod as a car or home audio stereo system.

Bose introduced their iPod speaker dock about a year ago and it has been a big hit with consumers. The system works with third or fourth generation iPods (including the mini). The unit itself consists of two stereo speakers with a dock in the middle for placing the iPod. There is a remote control for volume, song selection, and power.

The sound of the Bose iPod speaker system is quite full considering the small size of the speakers. Stereo separation leaves something to be desired, but that is to be expected in an integrated unit.

Unlike some other iPod speaker systems on the market, the Bose system is not portable. It must be plugged into a wall outlet making it suitable for a permanent home stereo system. Its sleek design makes it an attractive addition to any room.

The lack of portability is likely to put some buyers off -- after all, the iPod is a portable unit and not really intended to be only used at home. If you are looking for portability in an iPod speaker system, take a look at the Altech Lansing system.

The Bose iPod speaker system is certainly not an all-in-one unit -- it lacks a computer interface and the remote-control offers limited system access. It's also a bit pricey. Compared with some of the other iPod speaker systems on the market, the Bose iPod speakers are about the most expensive.

For the money, though, you get good sounding speakers that provide usable output for a home stereo system.

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