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iPod Speaker -- iPod JBL Speaker

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iPod Speaker -- iPod JBL Speaker

Many third-party manufacturers are releasing speakers designed for use with the Apple iPod. They are taking advantage of the incredible popularity of the iPod to sell unique niche products that add extra features to this popular product.

Of course, any speaker set with an 1/8 inch stereo connection can be connected to the iPod, but several manufacturers are taking advantage of the unique docking functions of the iPod to produce products which integrate seamlessly with almost every model of iPod.

JBL, for example, has brought out On Stage -- a circular docking station with integrated speaker systems that can be connected to a computer and also used to recharge the battery of the iPod.

The On Stage is fully portable or can be used as a second home stereo system. It can be powered with either batteries or AC current, and has controls for volume, song selection, and muting. The memory function retains your last used volume setting.

Other devices can also be attached to the JBL On Stage. The auxiliary input can be used to attach other MP3 players, a CD player, or a computer.

The On Stage also touches to the computer through a USB port making it the only docking station you need for the iPod. You can synchronize your music and photo collections every time you connect the iPod to the On Stage.

With all these functions, how does the On Stage sound? In a word -- superb. The circular design provides surprisingly wide stereo separation, and the computerized equalization system produces rich sounding full frequency sound.

You can play the On Stage at loud volumes with almost no distortion, except from your neighbors banging on the walls! This is an excellent speaker system for the iPod with just about all the features anybody could meet. It is compatible with the iPod 3 GB, 4 gigabyte, and the iPod mini.


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