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iRock 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3
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iRock 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3

Here is a combination voice recorder and MP3 player that has plenty of features for both functions. It has 64MB of built-in memory and supports a wide variety of MP3 bit rates. For music playback, it is a built-in equalizer, and voice playback can be heard over the speaker or through the ear buds. The irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 is a functional unit for both voice recording and MP3 playback.

As a voice recorder, the irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 has 18 hours recording capacity. The indicator shows you how long you have been recording and you can cause or stop the recording at any time. You can listen to the recording through the earphones as you go, and playback can be heard through either the earphones or the built-in speaker. There is a search function and a skip function to allow you to easily find your spot.

Voice files can be organized in folders and it is easy to create new folders at any time. The irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 even as a repeat function which can be useful for transcribing voice files. You can select any starting point and ending point for the repeat function.

There is a built-in microphone in the irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3. The microphone can be set for various sensitivities depending on how far the sound source is from the microphone. To extend battery life, the irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 has a special Voice Activated Recording feature which causes the player to record only when a sound is available. This also saves on memory.

As an MP3 player, the irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 can keep up with the best. Although the storage space is small, it can handle MP3 bit rates from 32 kbps right up to 320 kbps. Encoding songs at lower bit rates will allow you to store more in the same amount of memory.

In MP3 mode the irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 has a built-in equalizer for customizing the sound of your music. There are four equalizer presets as well as a special bass boost function for bringing out low-frequency sounds. You can connect the irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 to your computer for downloading songs and arranging your music collection, as well as organizing your voice files.

The irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 can be used with an external microphone or an optional telephone adapter for recording telephone calls. There is even an audio input jack for recording external sources such as radio or TV.

Although primarily designed as a voice recorder, the MP3 functions on the irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 give it an extra edge over other voice recorders. It is available at a reasonable price, so if you are in the market for a voice recorder, consider the extra MP3 functions that this model gives. It's like getting two machines in one!


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