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iRock! 860

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iRock! 860

The irock! 860 is a compact flash based MP3 player with a built-in FM radio. It has 256MB of memory which is enough to hold up to eight hours of music. It's about the same size as a cigarette lighter so it's easy to fit in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. Despite its compact design, the LCD display gives you plenty of information about the current song -- it shows ID3 tags for artist, song and album.

Because of its solid-state design, the irock! 860 offers skip free audio playback. It can play both MP3 in WMA files which can be downloaded from your computer. The software which is included with the irock! 860 can be used to organize your music collection and rip music from CDs. Music is transferred to the MP3 player through the USB 1.1 interface.

The irock! 860 includes an FM radio if you ever get tired of listening to your own music collection. There are several preset radio stations included arranged by state, and you can use the software to program your own radio station presets. The wire on the ear bud earphones acts as an antenna for the FM radio. The wire can be placed around the back of your neck for maximum reception. The ear buds have been specially designed for this by making the right ear bud wire longer than the left.

Although there is no way to expand the memory on the irock! 860, it can handle a wide variety of the traits in both WMA and MP3 formats. MP3 bit rates can be from 8 kbps to 320 kbps while WMA can be from 5 kbps to 192 kbps. The lower bit rates are suitable for voice recordings if you want to use the irock! 860 as an audio book player.

The irock! 860 is powered with a single AA battery which gives continuous playback for up to 30 hours. irock has bucked the trend of using AAA batteries but the irock! 860 has the space for the bigger battery and the user gets the benefit of the extra power.

This is a great sounding and attractive MP3 player with logical controls and layout. By transferring most of the editing functions to the software, the irock! 860 can be contained in a compact package that is easy to operate.


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