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Megaplayer 515 5 in 1 - This one has somthing extra

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Megaplayer 515 5 in 1

If you are looking for an MP3 player which has more than basic playback features take a look at the Megaplayer 515 5 in 1. It has an ample 256 MB flash memory suitable for storing about four hours of MP3 music. It also has extra features like an FM radio, a voice recorder, a language learning function, and it can be used as a USB storage device for your computer.

The slim design of this MP3 player gives it an ample area for the display screen. You can easily see the name of the current song which is playing as well as all the functions of the player. It is powered by a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery or the AC adapter.

For music playback, the Megaplayer 515 5 in 1 sounds great. It features a signal-to-noise ratio of 90 dB over the full frequency range and gives a powerful 60 mW output. For individual music tastes, there is a five band equalizer with several presets for different types of music.

The FM player also has a built-in recorder so that you can record your favorite radio shows, and if you want to record your voice, the built-in microphone allows you to make high quality .WAV recordings. The memory can hold 15 hours of voice recordings.

The Megaplayer 515 5 in 1 has a special language learning function which allows you to repeat a segment of audio. Simply set up the A/B points and the sound will loop repeatedly. This is an excellent function for learning any kind of material -- not just language.

If you need a portable storage device for computer data, the Megaplayer 515 5 in 1 connects to the computer with the USB 1.1 interface. This allows you to transfer data back and forth between the computer and the MP3 player for convenient data storage.

For extending the battery life, this MP3 player has special features like a screensaver and an automatic power switch which turns the unit off if it has been idle for a specified length of time.

This is a convenient MP3 player with lots of features and great sound. Definitely a winner!


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