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Philips Nike 256MB Digital Audio MP3 Player PSA220

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Philips Nike 256MB Digital Audio MP3 Player with FM Tuner
Model: PSA220

MP3 players are popular accessories with athletes. They provide a musical backdrop while exercising, and the steady rhythm of the music track can keep the muscles working at maximum efficiency. However, athletes also need to carry other accessories such as stopwatches. The Philips 256MB Nike Digital Audio MP3 Player with FM Tuner is especially designed for athletes - it combines an MP3 player, FM radio and stopwatch.

The Philips 256MB Nike Digital Audio MP3 Player  is a lightweight, solid-state personal MP3 player that can be worn on the arm or the waist. It offers 100% skip free audio for quality music reproduction under the most demanding conditions. The built-in FM tuner has 10 station presets, while the 256MB memory can hold about 65 songs recorded in MP3 128 kbps format.

The Philips 256MB Nike PSA220 Player is powered with a lithium-ion battery which offers 10 hours continuous music playback without recharging. The battery can be fully recharged in about four hours, and if you are in a hurry you can use the fast charge option to recharge it in less than an hour. To recharge, simply use the AC adapter which is included with the MP3 player.

The audio quality on the Philips PSA220 personal MP3 Player with FM Tuner is superb thanks to the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response with a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 80 decibels. Bass frequencies can be enhanced using the Digital Bass Boost, and the volume is controlled with digital circuitry. For customizing your sound, there are four built-in equalizer settings.

The Philips 256MB Digital Audio MP3 Player with FM Tuner handles audio in MP3 and WMA formats in bit rates from 8 to 320 kbps. Variable bit rates are supported as well as complete ID3 tag integration, allowing you to view information about the song, the genre, album, artist and the year.

The LCD display can be clearly seen in both daylight and at night thanks to the built in backlight. It gives you information about the song as well as the battery status, Digital Bass Boost, the radio station frequency and the time. In addition, the Philips 256MB Digital Audio MP3 Player with FM Tuner has full stopwatch functions allowing you to time your workout.

Transferring music to the Philips Nike PSA220 from your computer is a snap using the software which is included on the CD-ROM. You can even use the MP3 player as a data storage device and transfer data to and from your computer.

Athletes who appreciate working out with music will be thrilled with the features and specifications of the Philips 256MB Nike Audio MP3 Player and the built in  FM Tuner. Exercising will never be the same!


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