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Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB Flash Based MP3 Player Sport

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Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport

Rave MP3 players have been on the market since 1999 and they are a favorite with music aficionados. The Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport is flash based and features a sleek design with an intuitive interface and has a built-in FM radio and recorder and a microphone for voice recording. It comes with 256MB of flash memory for skip free playback of up to eight hours of music.

You can attach the Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport to your computer through the USB 2.0 interface allowing for speedy transfers of music files to and from the player. You can use existing software on either a Macintosh or a PC computer to organize your music collection and rip music from CDs. When attached to your computer, the Rave player is seen as a removable disk, which means it can also be used as a data storage device.

The Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport is simple to use and has an intuitive interface for browsing through music and playing your favorite songs. The one touch control pad allows you to browse through files and folders, and since the player supports ID3 tags, you can arrange your music by artist, year, album, or genre.

The FM radio on the Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport can be tuned manually or quickly tuned to one of the 20 presets. The player will scan for FM radio stations or you tune by 0.1 increments to find any station. Once a station has been tuned in, you can add it to one of the 20 preset slots.

You can use the Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport to record the FM radio and recordings can be stored for later playback. There are also functions for recording your voice or any live sound using the built-in microphone.

There is a built-in equalizer on the Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport which allows you to customize the sound of your music playback. There are four presets for rock music, jazz, classical, or pop, or you can adjust any of the five frequency bands on the equalizer for you’re your own custom sound.

The Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport is powered with a single AAA battery which provides up to 18 hours a continuous playback. The sound specifications on this player are very impressive with less than 90 decibels of signal-to-noise ratio and total harmonic distortion between 0.01 and 0.5 percent.

The Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport is a great sounding MP3 player with lots of features and is available at a reasonable price. This one gets thumbs up!


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