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RCA Lyra RCD 1080 Audio Player

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RCA Lyra™ 128MB Digital Audio Player with FM Tuner
Model: RD1080

If you are looking for a reasonably priced compact MP3 player, the RCA RD1080 Lyra™ 128MB Digital Audio Player with FM Tuner is a good choice. It has all the features you expect from an MP3 player - great audio quality, lots of playback options, digital volume control and equalizer presets. In addition, it has an FM tuner with 10 memory presets. All this is packaged in a palm-sized, lightweight (2 ounces) unit.

The storage capacity on the RCA RD1080 Lyra™ 128MB Digital Audio Player is 128MB which is suitable for storing two hours of audio. If that is not enough, you can the use the External Multi-Media Card slot for expandable memory. You can store MP3 or WMA audio in formats up to 160 kbps for crystal-clear audio sound.

The software package that comes with the RCA RD1080 Lyra™ 128MB Digital Audio Player with FM Tuner includes utilities for ripping music from CDs and converting songs to MP3 or WMA format. You can use the software to organize your music collection and even to apply equalizing to different songs depending on their genre. Songs can be transferred directly to the player using the USB  interface.

The RCA Lyra™ 128MB Digital Audio Player with FM Tuner is powered with two AAA batteries which provide up to eight hours of continuous playback. These batteries are widely available so you will never be without a power source for your MP3 player.

The sound quality of the RCA Lyra™ 128MB Personal Audio Player with FM Tuner is truly fantastic - the specs match those of the best audio equipment on the market today. There is a signal-to-noise ratio of less than 75 decibels over the entire frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz with total harmonic distortion at less than 0.1%. Coupled with the six digital sound processing presets, the audio output can meet the requirements of the most demanding tastes.

The RCA Lyra™ RD1080 128MB Portablle Audio Player supports ID3 tags to show you the song title, the artist, the time, and the bit rate. The FM tuner display shows you the station frequency and whether it is broadcasting in mono or stereo. Additional displays show you information about the battery level, the USB connection and the memory card.


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