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Rio Forge 128MB Flash Based Sport MP3 Player with Built-In FM Tuner

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Rio Forge 128MB Flash Based Sport MP3 Player with Built-In FM Tuner

Model: FORGE128

The Rio Forge 128MB Flash Based Sport MP3 Player with Built-In FM Tuner is an ideal MP3 player for people on the go. In addition to being a great sounding MP3 player and FM radio, it has special features for athletes like a stopwatch and a lap timer. It is housed in a protective rubber case and can be worn on the arm for easy access when working out.

The Rio Forge Flash Based Sport MP3 Player comes with 128MB of memory which is enough to hold four hours of music. The memory can be expanded using SD or MMC memory cards for a maximum capacity of 1GB.

The LCD display on the Rio Forge 128MB Flash Based Sport MP3 Player with Built-In FM Tuner gives you plenty of information about the music you are playing. You can see the timing, the number of tracks, the encoding format and the bit rate. You could also see the artist, the song, the year, the genre and the track size. When used as a stopwatch, the display shows you overall time, lap time and average lap time.

The FM radio on this player has eight preset slots for quickly tuning into your favorite radio stations. The FM radio of the Rio Forge can also be manually tuned using the search function. You can quickly add any station to one of the preset slots.

To transfer songs to and from your computer, connect your Forge using the USB 1.1 slot. The Rio Music Manager software is a complete package allowing you to rip music from CDs, encode it in MP3 or WMA format and transfer it to your MP3 player. It also allows you to create custom play lists. The software can run on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

The Rio Forge 128MB Flash Based Sport MP3 Player  is powered with a single AAA battery which gives you up to 20 hours of continuous music playback. For extending battery life, there is a special Power Saver mode that turns the MP3 player off if it is not being used.

This player enables you to easily listen to audio books. It  has special features for listening to audio books. Bookmarks can be inserted at any point in an extended audio recording so that you can return to the same place with exactly the same settings as before.

This great MP3 portable audio player is available at a very reasonable price, making it the ideal MP3 player for athletes and students.


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