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River H10S - Unknown yet the best around

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River H10S - Not Really Known by the general public, But The "Inn" thing among enthusiasts

iRiver has come out with a new series of MP3 players which covers just about a complete spectrum of storage capacity. The iRiver H10S is available in several different sizes starting with the 1 GB flash based model to the 20 GB hard drive model. All of them feature great sound specs and convenient features like FM radio, ID3 support, picture slide shows and text display.

Supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, and ASF. MP3 files can be encoded with constant bit rates or variable bit rates up to 320 kbps. Songs can be played back individually or by play lists, and the ID3 support allows you to find songs by artist, genre, album, year, or track number.

The sound of the iRiver H10S is really superb. It features a 90 dB signal to noise ratio over the entire frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The headphone output is an ample 18 mWatts on each side. The player comes with Sennheiser ear buds -- no need to replace these babies. They offer superb comfortable sound right out of the box.

The display screen is a good size which allows you to read the information without squinting. It's easy to navigate around the hard drive using the simple two-button interface. The display screen allows you to access all the settings of the player as well as show you information about the current song being played.

The screen is capable of displaying 260,000 colors which makes it ideal for carrying around your picture collection. The built-in slide show function automatically displays all the pictures in a folder while you are listening to music.

The iRiver H10S comes with software which allows you to organize your music collection on your computer and transfer it to the MP3 player. Data transfer is handled through the USB 2.0 interface. When connected to the computer, the player is seen as a portable drive so any kind of computer data can be transferred to it.

This is a fairly pricey MP3 player, but the extra features (picture display, color screen, FM radio) make up for the higher cost. In addition, most MP3 players come with cheap earbuds which need to be replaced. Most people will find the Sennheiser ear buds on the iRiver H10S comfortable and great sounding.

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