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Sony MZ-NE410

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Sony MZ-NE410

Although not really an MP3 player, the Sony MZ-NE410 has all the features you expect in a portable music player. Music is stored on MiniDiscs instead of flash memory or hard drives, and this proves an economical alternative to traditional flash based MP3 players. MiniDiscs are widely available and can hold between 74 and 296 minutes of audio depending on the level of compression.

MiniDiscs also have the advantage of being rewritable, so you can easily change the stored music. The Sony MZ-NE410 connects to your computer with a USB cable and music can be transferred at up to 32x the regular playback speed.

The Sony MZ-NE410 is a compact unit which weighs in at just 106 grams. The dimensions are 81 x 74.4 x 28.9mm which makes it small enough to fit comfortably in your shirt pocket or purse.

The Sony MZ-NE410 is really easy on batteries. Powered on a single AA battery, this player offers up to 56 hours of continuous playback. This is thanks to the relatively little power consumption required when compared with flash memory or hard drive devices.

When it comes to music playback, the Sony MZ-NE410 has lots of control. You can play tracks randomly or you can repeat one or several tracks. There is a search function that helps you find the track or the section that you are looking for, and there are two EQ settings for customizing the sound of your music.

The software which is included with the Sony MZ-NE410 allows you to transfer songs from your computer or directly from CD. You can organize your music into different folders which makes it easier to find particular tracks. You can also create track lists on your computer which can be transferred to the player.

The Sony MZ-NE410 uses Sony's proprietary G-Protection technology to provide skip free playback even while you are exercising or working out. The player is protected from being affected by horizontal and vertical movements which gives you smooth playback no matter what you are doing.

When compared with MP3 players with limited memory, the Sony MZ-NE410 offers a great alternative. MiniDiscs are widely available and inexpensive and are a perfect storage medium for portable music. You can easily carry your entire music collection on a few MiniDiscs, and the long battery life means you will almost always have your music at hand.


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