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The Ins And Outs of Audio Speakers

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The Ins And Outs of Audio Speakers

Sounds produced by CDs or radio are almost inaudible themselves. In order to hear the sounds at a comfortable level, they must first be amplified and sent to a speaker system. The speaker uses the electrical current that is sent from the amplifier to move the air in front of it, producing sound. Audio speakers can be simple one driver units or complex systems.

The aim of audio speakers is to reproduce sound accurately. This is relatively easy to do for simple sounds like the human voice. Music is much harder to reproduce because it has a much broader frequency spectrum. Most high fidelity speaker systems for reproducing music use a variety of drivers to cover different frequency spectrums.

Audio speakers which are wide in diameter are suitable for reproducing low-frequency sounds, and smaller speakers more accurately reproduce high-frequency sounds. In order to reproduce the full frequency range, the sound is divided into frequency bands, and each band is sent to a separate driver. This frequency division is handled by the crossover.

Crossovers are integral components of multidriver audio speakers. They analyze the signal received from the amplifier and divide it at predetermined frequencies. It then sends the low-frequency signals to the bass drivers in the high-frequency signals to the tweeters. This way, each component of the speaker system is reproducing its ideal range of frequencies.

Low-frequency audio speakers are called woofers and high-frequency speakers are called tweeters. Mid frequency speakers are simply called midrange speakers. A typical speaker enclosure will contain two or three speaker drivers -1 woofer, 1 midrange and one tweeter.

Speaker enclosures (or boxes) have a special function and reproducing the sound. They are specifically designed for the characteristics of the speaker drivers they contain, and may contain ports or internal divisions for accurate sound reproduction. Audio speakers must be housed in a rigid enclosure to avoid unwanted residence effects.

Up until recently, the most common audio speakers were stereo speakers. These were designed to be placed on either side of the listening area. New sound technology has resulted in surround sound audio systems which place five or seven speakers around the listening area. These are often used in home cinema systems and can provide an exciting element when watching movies.

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