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Cheap Car Audio – Is It Possible?

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Cheap Car Audio – Is It Possible?

Do you want great sound your car at a reasonable price? Thanks to modern audio technology, cheap car audio does not necessarily mean crappy sound. Almost all the major audio manufacturers include a line of inexpensive car audio equipment.

Back in the days of Grandpa, car radio meant an AM radio with a dashboard speaker. Things have come a long way since then - standard car audio systems typically include a four speaker system with a CD player. For those who want better than the average sound, they can spend thousands of dollars on amplifiers, head units, and speakers. For those on a tight budget, cheap car audio is the way to go.

Browsing through the selection at any car audio shop will quickly show you the broad range of prices. Most shops allow you to audition the various systems that they carry. It's a sure bet that a $2000 system will sound better than a $50 system, so if cheap car audio is your aim, comparison shopping may throw you off.

That cheap car audio system may sound perfectly acceptable when installed in your car, but compared side-by-side with an expensive sound system, it is likely to sound disappointingly thin. So save yourself the aggravation and don't compare apples with oranges.

Choosing a cheap car audio system from a reputable manufacturer is the best way to go. Major manufacturers have reasonable warranty terms and you can be reasonably assured that some of their technological wizardry has trickled down from their best systems. On the other hand, a Zuzu system from an unknown manufacturer based in Gulaland is likely to cause you some problems.

If buying new is still too expensive, great bargains can be had with second-hand units. Local garage sales are great place to find cheap car audio systems, as are web-based auction sites like eBay. There's always a risk when buying second-hand equipment, so check it out to make sure everything works before laying down your cash.

As with most technology, car audio is improving and getting cheaper every year. That's why you are hard-pressed to find a bad sounding cheap car audio system. Sure, it doesn't have the powerful bass and crystal-clear highs like the expensive systems, but for everyday doodling around the city, an inexpensive audio system will do just fine.

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