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Listen To Everything with an Audio Converter

There are so many audio formats on the market today it's hard to keep track. CD, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, wav, AIFF, MiniDisc and DVD audio are just some of the numerous audio formats. Not all players can handle all formats, so sometimes it is necessary to convert from format to format. An audio converter can take a particular audio file and convert it into others.

Most computers have a CD player if not a DVD player. An audio converter can take CD or DVD audio and save it to your hard drive in a variety of formats. Many formats are designed to compress the size of the audio file. These include MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA and AAC. They can significantly reduce the size of the audio file while retaining enough of the audio data to still sound good.

MP3 and the like are lossy formats, meaning that some data is discarded in the compression process. There are other lossless formats that compress the audio file while retaining all the data. These formats include APE (Monkey’s Audio) and FLAC. The popularity of all these formats varies, so sometimes it is necessary to use an audio converter to change the format.

When converting from one format to another, there may be some loss in audio quality. This is especially true when converting from one lossy format to another, for example an MP3 to WMA. To keep the audio sounding as good as possible it is best to start with an uncompressed format like WAV or CD audio. Almost every audio converter can deal with uncompressed audio.

Of course, you may not have the original uncompressed file to work with. You may, for example, have an MP3 file that you wish converted to WMA. In this case, the quality of the source file should be as high as possible. Music MP3 files should be at least 128 kbps and preferably higher before using an audio converter to change it to a different format.

Voice files have less of a frequency range so the quality of the source file is less important. Still, to retain as much of the audio information as possible before using an audio converter, choose source files with high bit rates.

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