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Creative CB2530 - Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

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Creative CB2530 - Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

Don’t you hate messing around with headphone cords? Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of those cords all together? Creative thinks so, and that’s the motive behind their latest headphone offering, the Creative CB2530.

These wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to provide cord-free listening within a radius of about 30 feet. They can be used with most Bluetooth enable devices that support A2DP or Bluetooth USB AV dongles.

The phones themselves are powered with 3 AAA batteries that have a usable life of about 7 hours. There is no power supply or battery charger included, but you can use re-chargeable batteries from another device.

The specs on these headphones are quite impressive, 90db sensitivity with a response bandwidth of 20 - 20,000 Hz. They have an impedance of 32 Ohm and a diaphragm of 1.6 inches.

Unlike the traditional ear bud design most people associate with portable audio devices, the Creative CB2530 is a ear cup design. The headband is adjustable and should be able to fit most head sizes, but the ear cups do not fit well over the ears (unless you have very small ears). This results in a loose grip which can cause the headphones to fall off.

The controls are located on the earpieces and include a volume dial and on/off switch. There is also a mute button if you need to stop the music for a short period.

Most Bluetooth devices require a password. The CB2530 gets around this requirement by using an intelligent syncing system. Simply turn on the headphones and the transmitter and the connection is made. The downside to this system is that the headphones cannot use headset profiles for use with mobile phones.

These headphones are quite pricy, more than $200 MSRP. Judging by the sound quality alone, they are not worth the price. Add in the ill-fitting ear cups and you have a product that is better passed by. If you are not particular about the sound, however, and really need Bluetooth for your wireless headphones, you might be satisfied with this model.

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