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Utilizing Blu Ray Capabilities of the Playstation

Blu Ray via PS3 can it be done?

A short answer, yes is can.

If you own a Play Station and use it to play video games often, you've probably figured out that you can also watch your favorite DVDs on the device as well. And, now that the development of blu ray is becoming more and more popular, electronics companies are considering merging the Play station and these new discs to create PS3 blu ray players that will serve more than one purpose. Off course we will keep you informed in all the possibilities this new technology has to offer

Sony, the makers of Play Station, have been getting questions from other companies and consumers concerning the benefits of the PS3 blu ray player possibility. Many people who already own a PS3 feel as though being able to play movies on the device saves them the money and hassle of having to look for another DVD player. Noticeably this will only be a temporary situation, Blu Ray DVD will become more and more of a standard. And in my opinion we will witness the same progression as the transformation from the "standard" CD to DVD.

Sony has also fashioned the PS3 to serve more than one entertainment need of the consumer; music can be played on the device as well, so you can use your PS3 even when you're not playing video games, and it hooks up directly to your computer. Reviewers have also found that the device can stand up to devices that are created specifically to play discs--they provide the same audio and visual quality, and are just as easy to operate. This does make the PS3 an attractive device.

A good address to check out for these systems is

However, experts do admit that there are a few drawbacks to having a PS3 blu ray disc player. The movie quality and playback features are best when you insert the movie you want to watch into the PS3 as soon as you turn the machine on. If you try to convert from playing a video game to watching a movie without taking the video game disc out, turning the device off, and then turning it back on, you may have to wait about a minute or so for the disc to come on. A few seconds are also spent displaying the Sony logo and playing the theme music, which is part of the 'on' function of the device. Some people were a little aggravated by this, but most people who already own a PS3 and were used to the features weren't bothered by this at all. Personally I found it a bit frustrating as well, but then every time I boot my PC I have to watch a whole Vista sequence, and I don't know about you but booting my Laptop takes a lot longer then the Playstation.

I'm not sure on how mature the Blu Ray technology is at the moment, especially recording and DVD authoring took a while to become of age after the information carrier came of age. As technology and information carrier the blu ray hd is very promising, but in this field things can move at lighting speed or lag a little. That this new technology will become mainstream is no question to me, it merely stating a fact. The question to be answered is when.

If you want to be able to play video games as well as watch movies without having to buy more than one device, you may want to try the PS3 blu ray disc player option. You can find the PS3 at they have Both PlayStation video games and movies, so you can purchase all the entertainment essentials you need.

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