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Build your own AM transmitter

Playing around with old High Frequency Tuning devices from scrapped TV sets once was one of my great hobbies. These where the days of high voltage Radio Tube's. Looking back it sounds irresponsible for a then 11 year old to work with Oscillators working at 500 Volts or more.

The semi-conductor and computer technology was the end of all the fun, where building things from scrap, so I believed. I was wrong!! Have a look at this video, and know that it works! We spend a total of $0.75 and the signal ranged 128 miles!

Thanks to my good friend from Radiomorningstar my opinion changed.


Following in his footsteps I'm now working on a High Class Stereo Amplifier (2x35) for max $ 2.00

I'll keep you posted and will upload the video and results asp (promised at 5/17/2008) hold me accountable.

I know its a strange way of spending time but I think its fun
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