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Expand Your System with Video Audio Switchers

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Expand Your System with Video Audio Switchers

With today's complex entertainment systems, people may have speakers and video monitors at several locations in their house. Video audio switchers can sends signals to various output devices so that you can enjoy movies or music throughout the house.

Usually there is just one main entertainment center. It may be a 5.1 surround sound system located in the living room. It can play many types of digital entertainment including DVDs, CDs and MP3s. But what happens if you want to watch a DVD on your bedroom TV? Unless you have a second DVD player, you're out of luck. But video audio switchers can be the solution to sending video or audio signals to different locations in the house.

Video audio switchers allow you to connect several systems together and choose where video or audio signals get sent to. You can set up several “zones” in your home and use the switcher to pipe in music or video to different rooms in your house. Some switchers allow you to select several different zones at the same time, allowing you to have the same audio or video program playing in several different locations.

Video audio switchers can also allow you to choose between various sources of both music and video. You may, for example, have a DVD player and a VCR player, and you may want to view video files that are stored on your computer. A switcher will allow you to choose from various sources and also allow you to send the signal wherever you want.

Many homes today typically have several sound and video systems in various locations of the house. Video audio switchers allow you to integrate all your equipment so that it can be controlled from one convenient location. Of course, there may be times when you still want to use the individual systems. A switcher can allow you to choose whether it is part of the central system or operating independently.

Connecting various sound and audio systems together can be a logistical nightmare. The wiring alone can be a confusing challenge. That's why new homes are often wired for sound and video as they are being built. All the audio and video connections are already done for each room, making it a simple matter to connect them all together with video audio switchers.

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