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The Freedom of Wireless Speakers
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The Freedom of Wireless Speakers

Wireless technology is finding more and more uses in everyday life. We have wireless telephones that use cellular technology, and computer applications include wireless keyboards, speakers, modems and mice. The convenience of these wireless gadgets is unmistakable - they free us from the tangles and complications of wire management. Wireless technology is also used in home entertainment systems, with wireless speakers being one of the most popular types of wireless equipment.

Wireless speakers are great for placing satellite speakers around the house. You can have one central sound system located in your living room, for example, and place wireless speakers and various rooms around the house. This allows you to have your house “wired” for sound without the wires.

Most modern wireless speaker systems use the 900MHz radio frequency band to transmit audio signals to the speakers. The transmission unit is attached to the amplifier using the regular speaker outputs. It is placed on top of the amplifier or receiver and can transmit the audio signal up to about 150 feet. This is adequate for transmitting sound to wireless speakers in virtually any room in a standard sized house.

The radio signal can be transmitted through walls and doors so it doesn't matter where it is located. You can even have wireless speakers outside on your patio or in your garden. Anywhere that is within range of the transmitting unit can benefit from this wireless technology.

Wireless speakers usually have a built-in amplifier which is powered by either battery or AC current. Most units have rechargeable batteries so that the speakers can be placed anywhere -even where there is no electrical outlet. There's usually at selector switch on the rear of the speaker to optimize the audio signal. In addition, the wireless speaker will have a volume control.

When buying a set of wireless speakers, check to make sure that the batteries are rechargeable and that you can use either battery power or AC current. Battery-powered speakers are convenient because you can play some anywhere, but batteries have a limited charge so you may find yourself changing batteries often.

Overall, however, the convenience of wireless speakers makes them a good purchase for anyone interested in extending their sound system throughout the house.

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