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Spyware is a serious underestimated threat to your privacy and computer system.

Spyware, computer viruses, Trojans, phishing sites the amount of threats to our computer system almost seem endless.

The nasty thing with them is that they evolve, not only are the makers of these malicious little programs constantly finding new ways of distributing their ugly products, but these programs have become a real threat to our privacy, our safety and our computer systems

The makers of Spyware programs are becoming more and more inventive and their products more and more invasive. Spyware actually is one of the greatest security threats that windows based desktops are facing. Spyware can collect your browsing habits, collect personal information, or even prepare your computer for the installation of certain viruses. It’s never working to your advantage, no matter what the installer might suggest.

Most spyware is distributed as an unwanted by product of a desirable piece of software. Think about programs that are distributed through peer to peer (P2P) networks like Limeware and others. This is what we call piggybacking. Or they are distributed as programs that claim to be an Anti Spyware solution. Some infections occur in from shareware, but most popular these days are the “browser helpers” or browser exploits.

Spyware is different from a virus or computer worm in that it doesn’t self replicate. But they all are programs that are installed on your PC without your consent and with the intent of either directly causing you harm, collecting data, or using your PC’s resources in one form or the other.

In fact the problem is becoming so huge that 9 out of 10 internet connected PC are in one form or the other infected.

The need to eliminate this thread has let to almost unworkable security settings on internet browsers. This, in turn has led to the unwanted situation that users lowered their security settings in order to be able to do the work they wanted to do.

Spyware infections can get so obnoxious that a complete reinstall of the operating system and all software becomes necessary.  The problem is that some of the programs change the systems settings making it harder to remove them.

Prevention is the best solution to a problem. Windows Defender is therefore shipped as part of the Vista operating system.

Then we have the AGV series of antivirus and spyware programs, Zone Alarm, F-secure, Symantec, and Network Associates.  Of course there are many more that are discussed on our site.

When you are using Anti Spyware protection always remember to update the programs database of threats. Or even better have them auto update themselves.


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