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Five Tips to Reduce Noise in Audio Files

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Five Tips to Reduce Noise in Audio Files

One of the reasons that digital audio is so popular is the almost complete lack of noise in professionally recorded music. Those of you old enough to remember vinyl records can also remember the pops and scratches that where an inevitable part of the medium.

That doesn't mean, however, that all digital audio is noise free. Many types of recordings done under non-professional conditions may have background noise or even digital distortion. If you have a noisy audio file, here are a few tips to make it sound better.

1. Use your ears to determine the source of the noise. For example, a voice recording may have background noise below a certain level. Recordings made from cassettes or records may have a constant hiss or popping noise. The type of noise will determine how you can reduce it.

2. Choose the appropriate software for reducing the type of noise in your recording. Some software is specifically designed for transferring analog recording such as cassette tapes and vinyl records to the digital format. This type of software has special filters for reducing the type of noise found on this media.

3. Don't try to remove all of the noise. It is usually impossible to remove only the noise -- you will also be taking out some of the source audio that you wish to keep. There is a balance between the amount of noise reduction that can be achieved without deteriorating the source material.

4. Try to use a filter which targets the audio spectrum of the noise source. For example, background noise may be removed by applying a gate which only allows audio above a certain threshold to be heard.

5. Be prepared to experiment with different settings to get the best results. Sometimes allowing a little extra noise to remain also gives the resulting audio much more presence resulting in a better sounding and more lively recording.

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