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Radeon 850XT 256 Mb - A Dream come True for the Demanding Home Entertainment Enthusiast

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Radeon 850XT 256 Mb - Perfect for Home Entertainment

The Radeon 850XT 256 Mb is one of the most advanced gaming cards on the market today. It features the latest technology for realistic graphic rendering and incredibly fast screen redraws. This card is for serious gamers who expect to see all the details of the latest games. It's an ideal video card for the demanding owner of a home entertainment system.

This card can utilize up to 16 parallel pixel pipelines for blazingly fast screen updates. It is also capable of performing up to 43 billion shading operations per second for amazingly realistic effects.

The Radeon 850XT 256 Mb uses ATI's exclusive 3Dc rendering technology for unsurpassed realism and detail brought to your computer monitor in real time.

This card is a gamer’s dream come true. It is suitable for all of the latest computer games using cutting edge gaming technologies and provides a generous choice of output possibilities including HDTV for large-screen multimedia gaming. Simultaneous monitoring is possible with both HDTV and television monitors.

The 850XT features 256 MB of GDDR3 memory running at 1.18GHz. It is installed in either an 8X or 4X AGP slot with native support for either mode. It takes advantage of the latest Smartshader and Smoothvision technologies as well as Truform and Hyper Z.

Overclockers have plenty of tweaking possibilities with this card. The VPU speed as well as the memory clock and fan speed can all be adjusted and monitored.

Despite its power, this card or is amazingly quietly. The operating rating is a respectable 20 dB and it produces significantly less heat than other cards in its class. The fan speed is automatically adjusted to maintain maximum cooling efficiency under all conditions.

The 850XT is compatible with DirectX 9.0c and can be used for home theater applications as well as games. It supports HDTV resolutions up to 2048x1536 dpi for amazingly clear real-time video rendering.

Other features include VIVO, a V-tuner, and dual DVI ports. It comes bundled with Power DVD, Joint Operations, Thief, and SpellForce.

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