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An MP3 Player - For Music On The Go

It seems like MP3 players are everywhere these days. These sleek portable devices offer CD-quality sound in a tiny package. Their storage capacity ranges from hundreds of songs up to tens of thousands of songs depending on the storage medium and its size.

There are two basic types of players -- flash memory based players and hard drive based players. An MP3 music player with flash memory is completely solid-state. There are no drive mechanisms which can cause the music to skip which makes these perfect devices for using during activities like exercising and playing sports.

The most popular brands are:

All brands have a huge variety of players to suit every bodies need

The other type of MP3 music player has an internal hard drive which is used to store your music. The hard drive as a capacity typically between 5GB and 20GB meeting you can store thousands of songs in MP3 format. Hard drive players are more susceptible to skipping, but many manufacturers use buffers to minimize music skipping.

Both types of MP3 music players can connect to your computer using a USB interface. This allows you to transfer music to the player and organize your music collection with software.

Most players come with software that allows you to rip music from your CD collection and transfer it into MP3 format which is much more compact than uncompressed audio data. MP3 songs sound almost as good as the digital audio stored on your computer or CDs.

It is very convenient having your music collection stored on a portable player. You can hear your favorite music wherever you are and the great sound of digital music and you can hear every nuance of the audio.


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