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MP3 players for 1000 songs or more

If you are like most music fans, you have a large collection of music. In addition to your CD collection, you could have songs stored on your computer. If the average CD has about 10 songs on it, a typical CD collection of about 100 CDs has about 1000 songs.

When it comes time to choosing an MP3 player to take your music on the road with you, it makes sense to choose a player that can hold as many songs as possible. Otherwise, you're going to be constantly transferring songs to and from the player to keep a fresh music play list.

For the maximum choice of music, you should pick an MP3 player which can hold at least 4 GB of music. 4 GB will hold about 1000 songs when they are encoded at 128 kbps -- a good compromise between sound quality and file size.

Fortunately, there are plenty of MP3 players which meet the 4 GB standard. Be aware, however, that these players have hard drives rather than flash memory to store the songs, and some hard drives are liable to skip when used under vigorous conditions like exercising. The latest technology, however, minimizes this type of skipping.

If 4 GB is your minimum for an MP3 player, don't stop there! You can get MP3 players with hard drives as big as 60 GB. Although a bit excessive just for storing music, large hard drives like this can also be used to store computer data, pictures, and some players may have extra features like address books and calendars.

Some of the top models of MP3 players with large hard drives include the:

All these players feature superb sound quality and plenty of storage space in a small package.

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