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Articles and Reviews on MP3 Players

Articles and Reviews on MP3 Players

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The PlamOne LifeDrive Multimedia Organizer
Palm had its share of problems in the past. Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s were rapidly gaining market share, but with the new Palm LifeDrive the company is back.

Archos AV700 Player 100GB -Reviewed
Now that portable audio devices are a standard accessory for the wired crowd, everyone is asking “What’s next?” Look no further than the Archos AV700 Player 100GB. This video player is set to revolutionize the portable entertainment industry.

Creative Zen Touch 20GB
Creative was the first company to introduce hard-drive audio players. Their innovation, however, was overtaken with the look and feel of Apple’s iPod. The introduction of the Creative Zen Touch 20 GB Creative is a direct response to Apple’s market domination......

The Archos Gmini 402
A small multimedia do it all

The Sony NW-HD5 20GB Walkman
This Sony network Walkman has a storage capability of no less then 20GB and its battery power is sufficient for more then 40 hours of continuous music.....

Samsung YP-T8 1GB
A big plus is the battery that is sufficient for 20 hours of multimedia fun. The battery can be charged with an adapter or via the USB port of your computer....

Creative Zen Vision
The Creative Zen Vision notches the standard even higher, you can watch movies and TV as well view photos, listen to music, tune in the radio, record your voice, and check out your schedule.

iPod Lansing Speaker
Almost every major speaker manufacturer has come out with an iPod product, and Altec Lansing has a selection of three speaker systems specifically designed for the iPod.

iPod Nano Batteries
IPod batteries have a limited life cycle. They can only be recharged a certain number of times before they start to wear out. Fortunately, the batteries can be replaced. Unfortunately, the battery is not easily accessible and changing it yourself will void your warranty.

Battery iPod -- iPod Battery Replacement
No its not a "Geeks Only Job"

iTunes and the iPod together is the winning team for audio enthusiasts

iPod Speaker - Bose iPod Speakers
Bose introduced their iPod speaker dock about a year ago and it has been a big hit with consumers. The system works with third or fourth generation iPods (including the mini and the Nano).

 iPod Photo Accessories
Yes you can listen to music, but you can view photos as well!!

 iPod Mini Accessories
There is a whole range of accessories for this player. Check them out!

iPod Portable Speaker
One of the most successful of these speaker systems is the Altec Lansing iPod speaker system. So closely does it match the iPod design that it looks like it was manufactured by Apple.

iPod Speakers
Most iPod mini speaker systems are quite small and easy to carry around. And the sound? Amazingly big for small speakers. Speaker technology has advanced considerably in the digital age and it is now possible to get deep sounding bass from a small speaker.

iPod Speaker -- iPod JBL Speaker
JBL, has brought out On Stage -- a circular docking station with integrated speaker systems that can be connected to a computer and also used to recharge the battery of the iPod.

 Apple iPod Nano Font

Apple iPod nano color
The new iPod line, this time available in a whole range of colors

iPod Accessories for the Car
It's portable, so the want to use the iPod in the Car is only natural. Their is a whole range of accessories to help you on your way

A rather nice player in a very competitive part of the market. If you can find one for a good price it might be a good buy. The players is neither good nor bad...

Rio Carbon
A stylish 1000+ songs MP3 player. It's good, I won't call it super. But if you browse around you can get value for your money with this player....

Olympus m:robe MR100
This is a real classy player. Really designed for those who want to make a statement about who they are. Technically this is quality player in the 1000+ songs class...

Megaplayer 521 5 in 1
A very stylish player from MSI, attractive and functional. Available in 256, 512Mb or 1Gb.....

Apple Ipod 1 Gb - Shuffle with the Shuffle
Hit after hit that is the story of the iPod of Apple, and the story of the 1Gb shuffle is no different......

Samsung YH-820 - Samsung the miracle company
From relative obscurity to one of the top brands. That says something about the company and its products

River H10S - Unknown yet the best around
 Great player, little know by the general public but the favorite of a lot of enthusiasts

Apple iPod Mini - Really one if the most popular MP3 players
Prefect performance in a mini device? The Apple iPod Mini is for you

Muvo Tx MP3 Player FM 256Mb USB - Small Handy and multi functionality

The Muvo Micro N200 MP3 Player 1024 Mb- With an integrated FM radio
Once an MP3 player was an MP3 players. Technology advances, so here is the N200.

 Megaplayer 515 5 in 1
The Megaplayer 515 5 in 1 combines several functions without compromising the quality any of the  features

Creative Nomad MuVo TX
The Creative Nomad MuVo TX is a flash-based MP3 player that features a fast USB 2.0 interface, support for MP3 and WMA file formats, and is available with 128, 256 or 512 megs of memory. It is simple to operate with a logically

PNY 512MB Vibe MP3 Player
PNY is a computer memory manufacturer that has expanded into the MP3 player market. They currently have three models available with different memory capacities. The PNY 512MB Vibe MP3 Player is their midrange model featuring 512MB of memory.......

Rave-MP AMP-256 256MB MP3 Player Sport
Rave MP3 players have been on the market since 1999 and they are a favorite with music aficionados.......

Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen
The Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Touch is a palm-sized, hard drive based MP3 player which holds up to 10,000 songs in WMA format on the 20GB hard drive. It features an easy navigation system that allows you to......

Archos Gmini XS200
If you are looking for a compact MP3 player and don't need the extra features like FM radio and voice recording, the Archos Gmini XS200 is well worth taking a look at. It features fabulous sound in a palm-sized unit which weighs just over 4 ounces and has an internal 20GB hard drive which is capable of holding up to 5000 songs.......

Sony's portable music players are usually packed with features and the Sony VGF-AP1L VAIO Pocket Digital Music Player - 40GB is no exception. It has a massive 40GB hard drive which offers storage space for up to 26,000 songs! This music player will keep you listening to your favorite music for years to come.......

Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra
If you're looking for a large capacity in MP3 player that doubles as a data storage device, the Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra - MP3 Player may be for you. It comes in two configurations – a 30GB hard drive or a 60GB hard drive. 60GB is large enough to store an amazing 2000 hours of audio in 64 kbps WMA format.......

Creative Nomad MuVo Slim - Digital Player
MuVo Slim lives up to its name -- it is a compact slim digital player they weighs in at just 45 g with the battery installed. It is just 8 mm thick -- one of the thinnest MP3 players on the market today. The Creative Nomad MuVo Slim - Digital Player comes in two memory configurations -- 256MB and 512MB of built-in flash memory.......

Perception Digital PD1000 Portable Jukebox
Most MP3 players allow you to transfer music to and from your computer, but very few have an audio input for recording external audio sources. If this is an important feature for you, the Perception Digital PD1000 Portable Jukebox is worth taking a look at. It has a fast USB 2.0 interface for transferring music from your computer, and also has a built-in microphone for recording voice, and an audio input jack for recording external audio sources such as TV or stereos.........

Rio Carbon - MP3 Player
he Rio Carbon - MP3 Player is a good compromise between large hard drive and flash based MP3 players. It comes with a 5GB hard drive which is enough to hold 1250 songs in 128 kbps MP3 format. You have to wonder why anybody needs a 20GB MP3 player -- 1250 songs is enough to keep most people happy for years!........

Sony NW-HD1
Sony is one of the pioneers of portable audio devices. It all started with their Walkman back in the eighties, and now, in the era of hard disk MP3 players, Sony has brought in their own version. The Sony NW-HD1 is one of the smallest hard disk based audio players on the market and features an amazing 30 hour battery life.

The Sony MZ-NF520D is a music player that uses MiniDiscs instead of flash memory or a hard drive to store audio. Each MiniDisc can hold over five hours of music making them a good choice for a portable music system. They are inexpensive and widely available making them a good choice for a portable music player........

Sony MZ-NE410
Although not really an MP3 player, the Sony MZ-NE410 has all the features you expect in a portable music player. Music is stored on MiniDiscs instead of flash memory or hard drives, and this proves an economical alternative to traditional flash based MP3 players. MiniDiscs are widely available and can hold between 74 and 296 minutes of audio depending on the level of compression.......

Creative Zen Micro 5 GB MP3 Player
Looking for a portable MP3 player with plenty of features? The Creative Zen Micro 5 GB MP3 Player is a reasonably priced player with ample storage space and extra functions that allow it to store addresses and a to-do list, as well as having a built-in calendar and alarm clock. If that's not enough, there is also an FM radio with recording functions........

iRock! 860The irock! 860 is a compact flash based MP3 player with a built-in FM radio. It has 256MB of memory which is enough to hold up to eight hours of music. It's about the same size as a cigarette lighter so it's easy to fit in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. Despite its compact design, the LCD display gives you plenty of information about the current song -- it shows ID3 tags for artist, song and album.......

irock! 830
The irock! 830 is a compact MP3 player with a built-in FM radio. It features great sound specs, a long battery life, an equalizer, easy-to-use software and 128MB of memory. All this is packaged in a sleek, attractive case which is just under 3 inches long. It fits unobtrusively into your pocket so you can have music on the go at all times.....

iRock! 530
Are you looking for a basic MP3 player? The irock! 530 is a simple, compact device which offers great sound in and attractive case. It has 128MB of internal memory and a card slot which can accept an additional 128MB. That gives you enough storage space for 4 1/2 hours of music.........

iRock 150VMHere is a combination voice recorder and MP3 player that has plenty of features for both functions. It has 64MB of built-in memory and supports a wide variety of MP3 bit rates. For music playback, it is a built-in equalizer, and voice playback can be heard over the speaker or through the ear buds. The irock! 150VM Voice Recorder/MP3 is a functional unit for both voice recording and MP3 playback.......that the .

iRock! 520
he irock! 520 is an inexpensive MP3 personal player with one of the smallest memory capacities of the market today. The basic unit has just 64MB of memory and it can be expanded with a SmartMedia card for up to 192MB in total. This is enough for 3 1/2 hours of music -- suitable for those with basic digital music collections.

 Rio  Forge 256MB Flash Based S port MP3Player
The Rio Forge 256MB Flash Based Sport MP3 Player with Built-In FM Tuner is an affordable MP3 player which holds up to eight hours of music in WMA format. The memory can easily be expanded to up to 1GB using SD or MMC memory cards. This player also has an FM tuner for listening to your favorite radio stations and a special audio book mode which can be used for listening to extended recordings.........

Rio Forge 128 MB
The Rio Forge 128MB Flash Based Sport MP3 Player with Built-In FM Tuner is an ideal MP3 player for people on the go. In addition to being a great sounding MP3 player and FM radio, it has special features for athletes like a stopwatch and a lap timer. It is housed in a protective rubber case and can be worn on the arm for easy access when working out........

Rio 256MB Chiba Digital Music Player with FM Tuner
The Rio Chiba 256MB Digital Music Player with FM Tuner is a compact MP3 player with a built-in FM tuner. It solid-state design guarantees skip free playback while the 256MB of memory is enough to hold eight hours of music in WMA format. If you're looking for more memory, the expansion slot allows you to add an additional 512MB for an amazing 24 hours of music in WMA format.

Rio Carbon 5GB Portable Digital Audio Player
The Rio Carbon 5GB Portable Digital Audio Player is a compact MP3 player with enough storage space to hold 160 hours of music in WMA format. It can playback WMA, MP3 and Audible #2 and Audible #3 formats. It also has a built-in microphone for voice recording making it ideal for verbal note taking and recording lectures and meetings......

Rio Cali 128MB Portable Digital Audio Player
Rio makes a line of rugged MP3 players designed especially for athletes on the go. The Rio Cali 128MB Portable Digital Audio Player is one of these models. It features solid-state electronics for skip free playback under the most rugged workout conditions. It also has special features especially for athletes.....

Philips Nike PSA22 256MB Digital Audio MP3 Player
MP3 players are popular accessories with athletes. They provide a musical backdrop while exercising, and the steady rhythm of the music track can keep the muscles working at maximum efficiency. However, athletes also need to carry other accessories such as stopwatches. The Philips 256MB Nike Digital Audio MP3 Player with FM Tuner is especially designed for athletes - it combines an MP3 player, FM radio and stopwatch......

Apple 4GB iPod Mini (Gold) Model: M9437LL/A
The Apple 4GB iPod Mini (Gold) has a tubular aluminum case with an anodized finish that resists scratching and denting........

Apple 20GB iPod Model: M9282LL/A
The hard drive on the Apple 20GB iPod has sufficient space for the most extensive music collections. The MP3 bit rate ranges from 32 kbps right up to 320 kbps.....

Archos 20GB GMINI400
Music lovers on the go love the convenience and compact design of portable MP3 players. Archos has expanded the basic design of MP3 players to include in LCD screen to see pictures and videos.......

Archos 20GB Digital Audio Player/Recorder
Music fans will love the compact design and massive storage of the Archos 20GB Digital Audio Player/Recorder with 2.5-Inch LCD and Photo Viewer. It combines and MP3 player and recorder with a grayscale 2 1/2 inch LCD screen for viewing photos......

Archos 20GB Digital Audio Player
Model: GMINIXS200 - Here is an ultracompact audio player with amazing storage capacity. Music lovers on the go will appreciate the features of the Archos 20GB Digital Audio Player with Double Browser. It allows you to organize your music collection can download songs from your computer using the fast USB 2.0 interface.......

Creative Labs - MUVOTXFM256
You can listen to the music the way you like with the built-in five band equalizer. The Creative Labs 256MB Ultra-light MP3 Player with FM Radio, Voice Recorder and Fast USB 2.0 Flash Drive has four equalizer presets for jazz, pop, classical or rock music, or you can adjust the equalizer to suit your tastes.......

Creative Labs 5GB MP3
For those of you with an extended music collection the Creative Labs 5GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder is worth taking a look at. It can hold 2500 songs in MP3 128 kbps format. That's the equivalent of one week of nonstop music without any repeats.....

eDigital 512 MB Digital Audio Player
If you need an MP3 player which features hands-free navigation, the eDigital 512 MB Digital Audio Player with Voice Navigation is a great piece of hardware and worth taking a look at. It's a full-featured MP3 player with a 512MB.......

Creative Labs 5GB MP3 Player
The Creative Labs 5GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder is a compact attractively designed MP3 player with many additional features. It's 5GB hard drive allows you to store 2500 songs......

Creative Labs 5GB MP3 - ZENMICROPINK
Looking for an MP3 player that doubles as a data storage device? And digital music is so convenient.  What some extra features like a built-in microphone, a calendar and a notepad?.....

Creative Labs 5GB MP3 Player - Model: ZENMICRORED
This compact personal digital MP3 player comes with a built-in 5GB hard drive which is the storage capacity to hold 2500 audio tracks encoded at 64 kbps in WMA format.....

Creative Labs 40GB Digital Music Player
If you have a massive music collection and data storage needs, if you need a portable voice recorder and an FM radio, and you want it all in a sleek compact package with a long battery life, the Creative Labs 40GB Digital Music Player with Touch Pad Controls is for you.

RCA RD2780 20GB Audio/Video Jukebox
The whole unit is contained in a palm-sized case just bigger than 5" x 3" and weighs just over 10 ounces. You can take the RCA2780 personal digital player with you wherever you go. No worry about a power source -- the rechargeable lithium-ion battery last for hours without needing a recharge.
half oz.

RCA Lyra RCD 1080 Audio Player
The storage capacity on the RCA RD1080 Lyra™ 128MB Digital Audio Player is 128MB which is suitable for storing two hours of audio. If that is not enough, you can the use the External Multi-Media Card slot for expandable memory. You can store MP3 or WMA audio in formats up to 160 kbps for crystal-clear audio sound.

Philips Nike Runner Personal Audio Player
he solid-state design of the Philips MP3MAX 512MB Digital Audio Player guarantees 100% skip free audio no matter how rugged the conditions. This unit comes with 512MB of memory which is enough to hold 16 hours of WMA or eight hours of MP3 format. Bit rates from 8 to 320 kbps as well as variable bit rates are supported.

Philips PSA250/17
If you ever get tired of listing to MP3 music, the Philips MP3MAX 512MB Digital Audio Player also has a built-in FM radio. It features 10 station presets with automatic tuning so you can keep up-to-date with the latest news and weather as well listen to the latest hits.


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